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At Exclusively Grey our aim is to offer you a unique Day Boarding and Holiday Boarding service for your Greyhound.

We know how important your Greyhound is to you, so our promise is to make his/her stay as pleasant and homely as we can, with pleasant walks and plenty of exercise breaks.

You are welcome to bring your Greyhounds favourite toy or bedding to make the stay at our boarding kennels more pleasurable.

Greyhound Boarding

A Bit of History

Elaine and I have been in the company of Greyhounds for nearly 20 years, after losing our first “Gold”, we visited Harlow Greyhound Stadium and came away with “Scooby”, and shortly after homing him we got involved with homing and fund raising with them.

In 2006 a small group of us broke away and formed Greyhoundhomer in conjunction with the Retired Greyhound Trust, with kennels in Ockendon and then adding our kennels in 2007.

In the period 2006 – 2017 Greyhoundhomer homed a total of 2,273 Greyhounds and donated to the Retired Greyhound Trust in excess of £600,000.

Unfortunately, due to soaring running costs, we had to shut our kennels down in August 2017. Elaine is still available to give advice and is able to point anyone in the right direction if looking to adopt a Greyhound. Pat Philpot can still be contacted at Greyhoundhomer Rainham via the website www.greyhoundhomer.co.uk

Looking to the future, our roles have now changed, I now run the the boarding kennels situated on the Herts and Essex border, and Elaine helps out. Elaine has now set up a charity called “Acehounds“ to help people with mental health issues, learning difficulties and the elderly, using Greyhounds as therapy dogs. If you would like to find out more about Acehounds , please visit www.acehounds.co.uk

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